The Alo Health Superhero Story

Our office in this video has grown into a Wellness Clinic and now looks different, 
but our passion, process and results remain the same;
holistic healing and changed lives in our clients. 
Check out the Superhero Process... 

The Emerge Emotional Healing System 

Radio Interview
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Create Your Holistic Lifestyle radio program

Heartburn & Acid Reflux Healing

Video News interview
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Fox 11 News 

Digestive & Non-Digestive Issues

Fox 11 News Interview
Our 1st anniversary news report!
Alo U.P. phone edit- 920-759-9037

Infertility Hope & Healing

WFRV News Interview
Alo U.P. phone edit- 920-759-9037
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More Video Resources

How do we help hormone imbalance, lack of energy, 
lymphatic system stress, thyroid problems...

Alo's Audio Clips

How do we help diabetes, thyroid disorders, 
attention deficit issues,  acid reflux and other 
digestive issues, what about genetics and how 
to find the cause of illness...