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We believe whole-heartily that your health goals and wellness journey should be guided by YOU. We want your services to be effective in meeting your goals, so you can experience a sustainable, healthy life change. That's why Jen encourages a free phone or zoom consult prior to choosing a service. Questions are good; answers are better!

 Integrated Urine Panel Package

Our favorite lab test for uncovering root cause issues of symptoms, no matter the age.

 This lab requires Practitioner approval during a Signature Consultation.*
*The Signature Consultation is included in the package cost.

This specialized 24-Hour Urinalysis is analyzed in only three labs in the United States and is different than a Urinalysis that a Primary Care Provider would order. Practitioners must be a Certified Digestive Health Specialist, by the Food Enzyme Institute in Madison, Wisconsin to order this test. It provides a Pathology Report as well as a Nutritional Analysis of the body cells. It is beautifully comprehensive and helps determine WHY bloodwork may or may not be showing signs of illness. Disclaimer: It is not a medical test and therefore is not used to diagnose, treat or cure diseases. 

Service Fee - $498 Includes a Signature Consultation, the urine collection kit, instructions, signs & symptoms survey, interpretation of results and a Results & Recommendations Consultation. 
Cost does not include supplements, which are unique for each individual.
*Service fees subject to change without notice.